Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jon Stewart Goes Off On Mike Huckabee Over Gay Marriage

Jon Stewart welcomed back to the show Mike Huckabee and during the course of their two-part interview, Jon got a little heated over the politician Fox News host’s religious-based condemnation of gay marriage in a controversial political ad:  (around 4:00)
“We can come on and have a conversation but when I see that,  and I go, Mike Huckabee doesn’t just disagree with me, he believes that my position, that gay people are members of the species and whoever they love; that marriage strengthens traditional families because gay families are wonderful families raising wonderful kids and that the value of them is not their gayness. Marriage is about honest, trustworthy people working in a loving household, having nothing to do with what their sexuality is. How can you say that me believing that is registered in the book of fire?”

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