Monday, July 15, 2013

Same-Sex Marriage Bill Passes Final House Of Lords Vote — Marriage Equality To Come To Britain?

The British House of Lords moments ago passed the third and final reading of a same-sex marriage bill, all but one-hundred percent ensuring marriage equality in Britain and Wales. All that is left is for the House of Commons to approve the House of Lords’ bill, and for the two bodies to compromise and agree on any differences to form one bill.
“If the House of Commons makes changes, the bill returns to the House of Lords, and can go back and forth until both are agreed,” Pink News UK explains:
This process is known as parliamentary ping pong, and is scheduled for 16 and 17 July, when Parliament goes into recess. If the process is not agreed by then, the bill cannot be debated again until late into 2013.
Once eventually passed in both Houses, the bill will be given Royal Assent, before coming law, however it is unlikely that Royal Assent will be given until after summer recess.

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