Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lawmakers Cheer As Ugandan President Declares ‘War With The Homosexual Lobby’

After admonishing the Parliament of his own nation late last year for “repeatedly” breaking the law by passing the Anti-Homosexuality Bill without the required quorum, and strongly suggesting he would not sign it, the President of Uganda announced at his national party retreat last week that he will sign the bill.
The Anti-Homosexuality Bill mandates jail sentences — including life in prison — for those accused of having sex with members of their own gender, and for those who know LGBT people but do not report them to authorities. Jail is also mandated for those who support LGBT civil rights and the LGBT community.
Watch this video as the President of Uganda, Yoweri Musevenitells the lawmakers of his party he will sign the bill. Watch as he announces, “We shall have a war with the homosexual lobby, in the world, backed by these people and you.”
Watch as the stand, applaud, and cheer.

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