Thursday, September 26, 2013

Catholic US Military Chaplains Banned From Presiding Over Funerals Of Married Gay Soldiers

Calling same-sex marriages “evil,” the Archdiocese that is in charge of Catholic priests serving U.S. service members has released a statement banning its chaplains from presiding over the funerals of legally married gay, lesbian, or bisexual military personnel.
Soldiers and other military personnel, including officers, who die of the field of battle or in other service to their country — for example, if they had been among those who were killed in the D.C. Naval Yard shooting — will be denied a Catholic funeral.
Archbishop Timothy P. Broglio, in a statement that “reiterates Church teaching on homosexuality,” commanded that while “the tradition of the Catholic Church always tries to find reasons to bury the dead, a priest may not be placed in a situation where his assistance at a funeral for a Catholic would give the impression that the Church approves of same sex ‘marital’ relationships (see CIC, c. 1184, §1,3º).”
Additionally, regardless of faith, Catholic chaplains have been directed to not formally participate in weddings of same-sex couples, to not participate in “marriage retreats” if same-sex couples will be present, and to refuse to counsel service members who are in same-sex relationships.

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