Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Teen Tennis Ace Comes Out

mikey_drougasMichael “Mikey” Drougas is a high school senior, state tennis champ and, as of two weeks ago, an out and proud teen.

As a junior, Mikey won Virginia’s AA state high school championship and he hopes to game-set-match his success with a second consecutive title this year.

Though he came out two years ago to his friends and family, Mikey decided to serve pride realness via an eloquent and poignant note on Twitter two weeks ago.

“At the time I was scared,” he told Outsports. “I was anxious to see what people thought. I didn’t think people would be mean to me, but I didn’t know if people would be awkward about it.”

Turns out they weren’t awkward at all and Mikey says the response he’s received has been “phenomenal.”

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