Friday, June 28, 2013

On Marriage Equality, Rand Paul Raises Bestiality Issue

Sen. Rand Paul made a remark yesterday about same-sex marriage paving the path for marriage between humans and nonhumans, but he quickly backtracked on it, with an aide characterizing it as “sarcasm.”
Discussing the Supreme Court’s marriage equality rulings on Glenn Beck’s radio show, after Beck raised the possibility of polygamous marriage, Paul said, “It is difficult, because if we have no laws on this, people will take it to one extension further — does it have to be humans?”
Paul spokeswoman Moira Bagley then told The Washington Post, “Sarcasm sometimes doesn’t translate adequately from radio conversation. “Senator Paul did not suggest that striking down [the Defense of Marriage Act] could lead to unusual marriage arrangements. What he was discussing was that having the state recognize marriage without definition could lead to marriages with no basis in reality.”

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