Monday, October 28, 2013

NOM Goes To Hawaii, Pretends To Be Hawaiian

As a special legislative session to debate marriage equality began today in Hawaii, NOM, the National Organization For Marriage, has invaded the Aloha State. Flooding the airwaves with anti-gay ads that make NOM sound like the frauds they are, NOM’s TV ad uses Hawaiian words like “keiki,” which means children, and “ohana,” which means family.

Last week, NOM president Brian Brown wrote that “from Hawaii comes an important reminder of something that we here at NOM have always maintained to be crucial for the fate of marriage in the United States. On this important issue, the people should decide!”
Brown calls their new video, titled, “Hawaii Our Local Culture,” “especially touching because it reflects the great cultural heritage and richness of Hawaii which some of us perhaps have experienced in visits to the beautiful state. And thus it reminds us, too, that marriage is a universal value that every heritage and every culture has treasured and honored throughout history.”
“The heritage of Hawai’i is rooted in family,” NOM’s video announcer says. “Mother and fathers united in marriage caring for each other, and their keiki.

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