Monday, May 9, 2011

One mom’s simple Mother’s Day wish for her gay son

Iris Blumenthal, a mother from Syosset, Long Island, has a touching and simple wish for her son this Mother’s Day.

Here guest column appears in Sunday’s New York Daily News. Here’s an excerpt:

Jonathan and Eric are as much devoted to each other as ever.

They have a wonderful life together, complete with a lovely suburban home and an adorable dog. In 2001, they launched their own volunteer group, which, over the years, has become one of the nation’s largest service organizations for LGBT volunteers. They’re as devoted to their community as they are to their relationship, and I could not be more proud. [...]

This Mother’s Day, I don’t want another scarf. I don’t want any flowers. My dear son can’t give me the gift I want now — he’s done all he can do. Who would have thought that the best gift this mother could ever receive would come from the New York Legislature?

It’s time to pass marriage equality legislation. I’ve got a wedding to plan.

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