Thursday, May 19, 2011

Protect Your Children From Harvey Milk Gay Day In Schools

“Protect Your Children From Harvey Milk Gay Day In Schools” is the latest campaign from Save California, a group few have heard of, but that’s been around since 1999. They claim they have “consistently raised the standard for truth,” but by the lies, and the fear-​mongering and hate-​mongering in this video, that statement seems to be false.

Randy Thomasson, Save California’s founder and leader, who also runs the Campaign for Children and Families, is so radical and extreme that the Yes On 8 folks — who brought you Proposition 8 — tried to ban Thomasson and his group from their campaign, because he would make them look bad!

“With SaveCalifornia​.com, you get it real and you get it straight,” their website claims, tongue in cheek, no doubt. “God is the source of our imagination, love and vision for children and families in California and America. In all we do, we want to please the One who created us.”

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