Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Overstock.com CEO Faces PR Battle After Board Member’s Anti-Gay Stance

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Mormon Church-owned Deseret News, which covers Utah, this weekend published an article claiming the “majority of Utahns do not support same-sex marriage, believe the decision on marriage should rest with individual states, and say if gay marriage were legal, Utah should pass laws to protect places of worship from having to perform weddings for gay and lesbian couples.”
Which is odd, since their competitor just published a poll that finds Utahans evenly-split, 48-48 on marriage.
“If same-sex marriage were legal in Utah, 72 percent said laws should be passed to protect churches, synagogues and other places of worship from having to perform same-sex marriages. Twenty-two percent said no such laws are needed,” Deseret News claims:
Jonathan Johnson, executive vice chairman of the online retailer Overstock.com and founder of the First Freedom PAC, said it’s shocking to him that some people think churches don’t need protection. He started the political action committee to combat what he sees as an assault on the First Amendment and to preserve the role of churches and religious associations in society.
“It makes me feel like if a same-gender couple goes to an orthodox Jewish rabbi and says, ‘Marry us in your synagogue,’ the 22 percent would say he has to say yes,” he said.
“I’m surprised that anyone thinks that the government should force religions to do things,” he said. “But because the religious liberties issue today is so tied to the same-sex marriage issue, I can see why it’s a sore spot for people.”
The Overstock.com executive vice chairman’s First Freedom PAC says the ”Supreme Court’s DOMA decision was an affront to the religious convictions of tens of millions of Americans. The Obama Administration has been a constant battering ram on the conscience of individuals, businesses, religious organizations, and even the military.”

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